Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting a good score in the IELTS Listening Test.

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Today's best IELTS tip is about the map labelling task in  the  IELTS Listening Test.

One of the IELTS Listening Test Task Types is ‘labelling a map’.  You should look at the map carefully before the recording starts.  Then you should listen carefully to the beginning of the dialogue to find out where to start on the map.

At this point you will listen for prepositions of place to help you follow the directions.  Prepositions of place are used to clarify a specific place and are used with all nouns. The preposition usually comes before the noun or the pronoun. The preposition never comes before a verb.

I’ve given you a list here of the prepositions of place I think are most useful for this type of IELTS Listening task.  I suggest you make sure you understand what they mean and write a sentence containing the word to understand them in context.

·        across

·        against

·        around

·        at

·        at the back of

·        between

·        behind.

·        by

·        in

·        inside

·        on the corner of

·        in the middle of

·        near

·        next to.

·        to the left of

·        to the right of

·        opposite

·        outside


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